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Bertolt Brechts Caucasian Chalk Circle - Role of Minor Characters Essa

The minor characters of a play are fundamental in passing on the major topical worries of the writer. Such a hypothesis can be glaringly exemplified all through Bertolt Brecht’s acclaimed play the Caucasian Chalk Circle in which the minor characters have been built to enable the peruser to comprehend the topical issues communicated. Distributed in 1944, the Caucasian Chalk Circle is an astute evaluation of class based social orders and has been painstakingly composed to portray the dissimilarity that exists between the privileged societies and the low class. The minor characters of the play make a profoundly class based setting for the account to happen inside and at last through the goals of the play the crowd is situated to cross examine the unbending social structure that is commanded by characters, for example, the Elder and Younger women and sentence the individuals who seek to be acknowledged by such a general public, Lavrenti and his better half. This content, through t he character of Michael, rather advances equity in the public arena, a social heart that proposes we ought to think about the success and joy of all, not a special few. All through the play, Brecht uses Epic theatre’s essential development, the Verfremdungseffekt (or removing impact) to urge the crowd to see the exhibition mentally instead of inwardly. This convinces the crowd to favor the characters on a target level and to see the story in a â€Å"universal† sense in which the lesson of the story is a higher priority than the real occasions. To help pass on his interests Brecht abstains from developing characters that will welcome a passionate reaction from the crowd, rather, he makes minor characters in the content as models or portrayals of specific classes inside Feudal socie... ...rcle trying to urge watchers to reevaluate the entrepreneur society we live in. The different class framework natural in such a general public is adversely spoken to in the play through minor characters, for example, Natella Abashvill. Through the minor characters Brecht can urge the crowd to advance a type of uniformity between various classes. Brecht, as a Marxist, accepted there ought not be various degrees of prosperity relying upon what class you had a place with. With an end goal to feature this thought Brecht utilizes characters, for example, the Elder and Younger women to obviously diagram the how people were treated by the privileged societies as indicated by where they fitted in the class partition. At last, through Brecht’s cautious development he can proffer a furious arraignment of the entrepreneur way and urge the crowd to think about his own Marxist feelings. Bertolt Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle - Role of Minor Characters Essa The minor characters of a play are necessary in passing on the major topical worries of the dramatist. Such a hypothesis can be conspicuously exemplified all through Bertolt Brecht’s acclaimed play the Caucasian Chalk Circle in which the minor characters have been developed to enable the peruser to comprehend the topical issues communicated. Distributed in 1944, the Caucasian Chalk Circle is a cunning evaluation of class based social orders and has been painstakingly composed to portray the uniqueness that exists between the privileged societies and the working class. The minor characters of the play make an exceptionally class based setting for the story to happen inside and at last through the goals of the play the crowd is situated to grill the unbending social structure that is overwhelmed by characters, for example, the Elder and Younger women and sentence the individuals who try to be acknowledged by such a general public, Lavrenti and his better half. This content, thro ugh the character of Michael, rather advances equity in the public eye, a social inner voice that recommends we ought to think about the thriving and satisfaction of all, not a favored not many. All through the play, Brecht uses Epic theatre’s essential development, the Verfremdungseffekt (or separating impact) to urge the crowd to see the presentation mentally as opposed to inwardly. This convinces the crowd to favor the characters on a target level and to see the story in a â€Å"universal† sense in which the lesson of the story is a higher priority than the real occasions. To help pass on his interests Brecht abstains from developing characters that will welcome an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd, rather, he makes minor characters in the content as models or portrayals of specific classes inside Feudal socie... ...rcle trying to urge watchers to reevaluate the industrialist society we live in. The differing class framework characteristic in such a general public is adversely spoken to in the play through minor characters, for example, Natella Abashvill. Through the minor characters Brecht can urge the crowd to advance a type of equity between various classes. Brecht, as a Marxist, accepted there ought not be various degrees of prosperity relying upon what class you had a place with. With an end goal to feature this thought Brecht utilizes characters, for example, the Elder and Younger women to obviously diagram the how people were treated by the high societies as indicated by where they fitted in the class isolate. At last, through Brecht’s cautious development he can proffer a furious prosecution of the entrepreneur way and urge the crowd to think about his own Marxist assessments.

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''Literature Review'' Topic-Causes of Falls In Elderly Patients Essay

''Writing Review'' Topic-Causes of Falls In Elderly Patients - Essay Example Therefore, it is vital for social insurance suppliers to deliberately identify the reasons for falls so as to forestall and limit the dangers of falls. In light of the report of the National Health Statistics in England and Wales, the absolute number of fall and crack during the year 2004 is 4,547. (National Statistics, 2006) Roughly 64.1% of the cases is inadvertent, 32.5% is brought about by osteoporosis. The staying 2.2% and 1.2% is brought about by self destruction and unsure plausible murder separately. (See Table I in appendix†Incidence of Falls and Fractures in England and Wales on page 15) As I work in an old restoration ward this subject is increasingly applicable to my clinical territory since older people are progressively inclined to encounter fall-related wounds. 70% of inadvertent demise among the old patients is because of fall. A large portion of the old people that experience the ill effects of hip break because of genuine falls can't recapture their ordinary degree of capacity. (Stevens and Olson, 2000) The way that this kind of mishaps could prompt the genuine physical injury and passing among the older people (Lipsitz, 1991), the reasons for falls ought to be paid attention to so as to forestall and limit the rate of falls among the old people. In this manner, it is important to restore physical wounds because of fall (Muche and McCarty, 2006). In social event solid confirmations with respect to the reasons for falls among the older patients, the creator utilizes the web search tools especially ‘yahoo’ and ‘google’. Both web crawlers has been extremely useful in empowering the specialist to find pertinent confirm based diary that originates from databases search, for example, discourse datastar: Medline, Embase, Pubmed, The Cochrane Library, Sumsearch, and Trip database. In scanning for peer-assessed diaries, the creator entered search

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on friends / minsan One Minsan sa may Kalayaan tayo’y nagkatagpuan May mga sariling gimik at kanya-kanyang hangad sa buhay Sa ilalim ng iisang bubong Mga sikretong  ibinubulong Kahit na anong mangyari Kahit na saan ka man patungo [Once, on Kalayaan,01 a Philippine highway we bumped into each other Each with their own ambitions in life Under the same roof Secrets were whispered Whatever happens to us Wherever you may go] Harvard and MIT hold a math competition for high schoolers called HMMT. Princeton’s version of this is called PUMAC. HMMT sends a contingent of roughly twenty or so people to PUMAC every year as volunteers, which in practice, is an excuse for Harvard and MIT students to hang out with their friends in Princeton for a weekend while getting travel subsidized. For me, the big reason I wanted to go to PUMAC was to meet a bunch of my friends in high school who were coming to compete. We meet at Kendall Station at around 1:15 PM that Friday, two weeks ago. I’m travelling light, carrying only a backpack with a single change of clothes; others are rolling around suitcases. We would be travelling to Princeton in two groups. Our group has twelve or so people, the other has eight-ish. After a couple of people grab lunch from Chipotle, we take the T to South Station before boarding our bus to New York. The bus ride was long. It was supposed to be around four or five hours, but the traffic was bad enough that it became more like seven. I had prepared for this and brought some entertainment on my laptop, but my battery was going to die and I realized I didn’t bring my charger with me. This didn’t turn out to be that bad, since hanging out with the other people from HMMT was fun. I think a couple people tried to play Fish02 not Go Fish, but Canadian Fish, the superior card game on the bus. We talked about lots of random stuff. It was okay, except for the fact that, you know, our bus was delayed by two hours and I was getting hungry. We arrive at New York, eat dinner, and take a train to Princeton. As we arrive at Princeton, one of my Princeton friends, Michael, greets me. He was my host for that weekend. Their quad, in fact, was hosting four people that weekend. After dropping things in his room, we head to a math lounge in one of their buildings that looks like the Green Building, and play Castlefall and some random bluffing card games. We make it back to the dorm at two or so in the morning, and I collapse in a couch at a lounge. This was, in fact, how their quad managed to host four people: through couches in lounges. I wake up early the next morning to volunteer, and my duties are over by lunch. I use lunchtime to look for my friends. Most of the high school friends I knew who were competing I met through AoPS. A bunch of people from our PROMYS squad were there too, and I was really excited to see them. We had such a great time last summer, and I hadn’t seen them in three months. And each person I met, we hugged, and we said hi. But suddenly, it felt like we didn’t have anything to talk about anymore. What was I going to ask them? What was there to talk about with them? It’s not as if I wanted to talk about the competition, or college apps, or whatever. I asked how they were doing, and what was up, and it was the same old. And that felt weird. I knew we were very good friends in PROMYS. I knew we hung out a lot with each other that summer, and that we had a really good time, but now, now what? With each person I met, I quickly ended conversation, and ran off to somewhere else. Two Ngunit ngayon kay bilis maglaho ng kahapon Sana’y huwag kalimutan ang ating mga pinagsamahan [But now, oh, how quickly yesterday disappears I hope our friendship isn’t forgotten] The rest of the day, I buried myself with more volunteering, since I didn’t really have anything better to do. After the competition ended, I went out to dinner with friends from HMMT at PJ’s, but with none of the friends I had from PROMYS, none of the friends I had who were in high school. And then I hung out with them for the rest of the night at Frist, talking and doing psets. I think one of the weird things about HMMT is that the students who staff it are typically people who know they’ll help HMMT when they get to college. So what happens is that a lot of the freshmen involved already know each other from high school, having met each other through math competitions. I’m in the weird situation where I just happen to know a lot of these people because of interacting with them online on AoPS, but I don’t really have the shared experiences of competing with them and stuff. I guess I could feel that, somehow, when I was hanging out with people that night. Everyone felt like they were catching up, like they were updating each other on what was happening, but I felt like I barely knew anyone. I mean, sure, it was fun to hang out with them, and play games with them, and talk to them about random stuff, but every once in a while there’d be a conversation topic that I couldn’t really relate to, and it’d feel just like I’d be staring in from the outside. Which I guess wasn’t something I felt only with them. Pretty much the whole afternoon, when I kept on trying and trying to talk to my friends who were in high school, felt like that. They were there with their classmates, they were there with people whom they arranged to meet up with weeks before, whom they talk to every day, and all we had was two months together over summer. The feeling of hanging out with people who are closer to each other than they are to you isn’t new, not at all. That night, I sleep in my host’s sleeping bag instead of the couch, since the lounge was occupied. The morning after, we board a train back to New York, eat lunch, and then take a bus ride back to Boston. The whole HMMT group occupied the entire back of a Greyhound bus, and the bus ride back was fun. Fun, too, in some sense. Fun, but with reservations, because I had come to hang out with one set of friends, only to find out that we didn’t have that connection anymore. PUMAC was fun. It really was. Just not in the way I wanted it to be. Three At kung sakaling gipitin ay laging iisipin na Minsan tayo ay naging tunay na magkaibigan [And if ever I’m in trouble, I’ll always think that Once, we were truly friends] One of my high school classmates sent me a message recently. He wanted to do a video call with me, so we did. We talked about what we were up to now, and about college. He asks me if I still keep up with our other classmates. I tell him that I don’t, not any more. That even during my gap year, it felt as if I couldn’t hang out with my classmates any more, because they were all in college. How every time I hung out with them, I felt isolated, in a sense, from not having the shared experience of being in college with them. He tells me that I’m overthinking, and that I should just talk to people more. And he ended the call with wag mo kaming kalimutan. Maybe it’s a Filipino thing, but there’s this cultural mores, this social convention, embodied in the sentence wag mo kaming kalimutan. It translates to don’t forget about us. It’s the kind of thing parents tell their kids, or the kind of thing teachers tell their students. It’s the kind of thing you tell someone who’s going abroad to work, or someone who’s going far away. Always along the lines of, when you become successful, wag mo kaming kalimutan, ha? Or, when you become famous, wag mo kaming kalimutan, ha? Or when you become rich, or when you make it big, or when you’re in colege, or, when you’re far away. Wag mo kaming kalimutan. As if the action of being forgotten by your friends has happened so often to the Filipino that we feel the urge to say this. Maybe it’s a Filipino thing to say that, but the underlying feelings feel very human. We don’t want to be forgotten by our friends. At the same time, I feel the inverse feeling too, all too strongly. I don’t want to forget about my friends either. Sure, it’s not as if you forget that people exist. It’s not as if you forget who someone is. It might take a couple seconds before you can place a name to a face, but so? I can tell you stories about my friends, and all the memories I have with them. But that’s not what’s meant by wag mo kaming kalimutan, isn’t it? It’s more like a wish for a friendship to last, that you don’t grow more distant, that whatever relationship you have right now stays frozen in time, forever. But when people are brought together through circumstance, and those circumstances change, then what? Four Minsan ay parang wala nang bukas sa buhay natin Inuman sa magdamag na para bang tayo’y mauubusan Sa ilalim ng bilog na buwan Mga tiyan nati’y walang laman Ngunit kahit na walang pera Ang bawat gabi’y anong saya [Sometimes it feels that our lives have no tomorrow Drinking all night as if we’d run out Underneath the round moon Our stomachs are empty But even if we’re broke Each night was filled with joy] It makes me sad that in every stage of my life I’ve switched to completely different sets of friends. Through elementary, I had two really good friends, and we were so close we said we would be best friends forever. But we never talked after moving to middle school. From seventh through twelfth grade, I made a lot of friends at school and through math competitions in the Philippines. But now that I’m in college, the only one of these friends I talk to regularly is someone who studies in Harvard. It feels weird when I talk to people and they mention their best friends, because a lot of people have that one friend that they’ve had for ten years or since childhood or for forever. I don’t. And sure, I know, the length of a relationship isn’t an indication of closeness, because you can be very close to people even after only being friends for a short term, but it’s definitely a factor, isn’t it? It’s definitely a factor if you could pull out a childhood memory with them when hanging out in a group. A year ago, when I expressed these feelings to one of my friends, he told me that college is different. Because college is the place where people usually find the friends where they keep for the rest of their lives, he says. But it doesn’t make my fears go away. I’m scared that the friends I made here will only be friends here, and I think now I can explain why. I have this very specific picture in my mind. I graduate from MIT. I go off to work somewhere, into software or finance or whatever random high-paying field that MIT graduates do. In my workplace, there are maybe two, three people I know from college. But we’re in different departments or something, so I barely see them. I live in an apartment with two or three roommates, and they’re cool, but we don’t really talk. Then I move to a different job, because [insert high-paying job] doesn’t feel like the right fit. I make friends in my new job, and we eat out sometimes and play bowling sometimes. I have enough saved up that I have a small room to myself in some megacity. It’s not big, but I never liked having big rooms. I’m in, say, a board game group that meets up regularly, but that’s all we doâ€"board games every Tuesday night. I meet up with my friends from MIT every once in a while, and the sentiment is always I wish we had more time to hang out, but we’re on opposite sides of the country or we’re on opposite sides of the world or we’re too busy with work. I’m in a relationship with a great guy. Most nights, I spend alone, or with my boyfriend, cuddling on the couch while watching Netflix. And it’ll be satisfying, sure. It’ll be satisfying, but all of my friend groups are suddenly smaller. It wouldn’t be like MIT, where I live in a floor with forty other people, where if I wanted to hang out with someone all I needed to do is sit in the lounge and wait, where I could play board games any time I wanted, where I was involved in three different clubs, where I spent evenings crying in front of people. The circles become smaller, and smaller, until they disappear. Five Minsan ay hindi ko na alam ang nangyayari Kahit na anong gawin Lahat ng bagay ay mayroong hangganan Dahil ngayon tayo ay nilimot ng kahapon Di na mapipilitang buhayin ang ating pinagsamahan [Sometimes, I don’t know what’s happening No matter what I do Everything has an end Because now, we’ve been forgotten by yesterday Can’t force our friendship back to life] I spent all of last weekend helping out for Splash,03 two thousand high school students come to MIT’s campus to take classes, mostly taught by MIT students, about literally anythingâ€"from astronomy to ancient art to abstract algebra which is a whole blog post in itself. Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, our floor had a Thanksgiving potluck. A friend and I cooked some lumpia.04 deep-fried Filipino spring rolls The kitchen was filled with people that afternoon, all making something for dinner. It took us around three hours to fry all the lumpia, because we made a lot. We pushed the tables in the lounge next to the kitchen together. I shouted across the floor that dinner as being served. We grab food. People compliment our cooking, which was surprising, given how sketchily we cooked. Three people, who used to live on our hall, were visiting, and ate dinner with us too. We talked. One argument I remember was whether Komala, the Pokémon, was the koala or the log. After dinner, I was chatting with three other people: someone who grew up in the Philippines and California, whom I called ate, big sister; someone else from Singapore, and someone from Taiwan. We talked about life in the Philippines, jeepneys, mangoes, kangkong,05 a vegetable, common in Southeast Asian cuisine, also known as water spinach  and how shameful it was that I forgot what kangkong was called. On Thanksgiving, a friend from Harvard and someone else I knew from PROMYS ate lunch with me at Gyu-Kaku.06 a Japanese barbecue place My friend had accumulated enough points on Gyu-Kaku that we got $25 off our meal, so we decided to splurge and do the eat-all-you-can. We were there for ninety minutes, gorging ourselves on barbecued beef and pork, talking about food, and the spring, and summer, and internships. The same friend from Harvard hung out with me all afternoon in my room. He took me as a plus one to a Thanksgiving party with a few HMMT people. The host made us turkey and scallion pancakes and got us pumpkin pie. We played Codenames and Sleep Sort and BS Poker and Overcooked. We spent seven hours at his place before finally going home that night. And I was tired. And I lie down. And as I fall asleep, I felt happy, thinking to myself, wow. It feels good to have friends. Doesn’t it? a Philippine highway back to text ? not Go Fish, but Canadian Fish, the superior card game back to text ? two thousand high school students come to MIT’s campus to take classes, mostly taught by MIT students, about literally anythingâ€"from astronomy to ancient art to abstract algebra back to text ? deep-fried Filipino spring rolls back to text ? a vegetable, common in Southeast Asian cuisine, also known as water spinach back to text ? a Japanese barbecue place back to text ?

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Essay on Joint Strike Fighter (Jsf) - 1597 Words

Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Ron D. Knapp Professor Michael Meadows Park University Internet Campus A course paper presented to the School of Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Baccalaureate LG201 - Systems Engineering and Analysis Park University October 09, 2011 The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program began with defense reviews conducted by the Clinton Administration after taking office in 1992. At the time, several government organizations were working on the next-generation strike aircraft. Following an intense competition, the U.S. Department of Defense on 26 October 2001, named Lockheed Martin lead†¦show more content†¦The program collected data to manage manufacturing maturity, but currently unproven processes and a lack of flight testing was of concern to the GAO because of a potentially costly future of changes to design and manufacturing processes. Program costs continued to increase and the schedule had slipped since the 2004 rebase line. Very little flight testing occurred as of the reports publication and the first fully integrated aircraft was not expected to begin flight testing for at least 4 years. In 2007 the Department of Defense cut the number of test aircraft and flight test hours to maintain cost and schedule plan s. A fully integrated, capable aircraft was not expected to enter flight testing until 2012, increasing risks that problems could be found and would require design and production changes, as well as retrofit expenses for aircraft already built. On May 10, 2009, AA-1 had completed 84 test flights, including a deployment to Eglin AFB. The first SDD STOVL aircraft, BF-1, had completed 14 flights. The second SDD aircraft, BF-2, had its first flight in February 2009. By December 2009, only 4 of 13 test aircraft had been delivered and total labor hours to build the aircraft had increased more than 50 percent above earlier estimates. Late deliveries hampered the development flight test program and affected work on production aircraft, even as plansShow MoreRelatedF-35 Joint Strike Fighter Essay2827 Words   |  12 PagesF-35: The Joint Strike Fighter of the Future Since the beginning of World War I, key military analysts have begun to realize the importance of airpower over the battlefield. It has been said throughout the years that â€Å"he who controls the air, also controls the battlefield†. Though some have disputed this statement, the truth has always been proven to analysts after the war when evaluations can be made. The three branches of military that currently use fighter/bomber aircraft are the Air ForceRead MoreThe F 35 Lightning II901 Words   |  4 Pages Abstract The F-35 Lightning II is a 5th generation fighter manufactured by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and BAE Systems. Production began in 2006 in Fort Worth Texas and its first flight was conducted in 2011. Jon Beesley was the first test pilot for the F-35. It has air-to-air, air-to-ground, intelligence, surveillance, and recon abilities. The F-35 is second only to the F-22 Raptor but is superior in air-to-ground combat. The engine is a Pratt and Whitney 135 and has a Rolls-Royce LiftRead MoreThe Defense Budget Should Increase Military Spending2082 Words   |  9 PagesSupporters for the current military budget cut plan argue that with the previously mentioned savings the nation will be able to fully fund and finally complete the struggling JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program. Furthermore, the Air Force is pushing ahead with the development and acquisition of an advanced bomber, known as Long-Range Strike, to replace the aging fleet of B-1 and B-52 bombers. The new bomber is a next g eneration information-age aircraft that eventually may be capable of flying without a pilotRead MoreThe Peoples Republic Of China Case Report1558 Words   |  7 Pagescritical and highly sensitive information from the United States (U.S.). Through the exploitation of the stolen data, the PRC has successfully designed, built, and ultimately tested several nuclear weapons as well as other military related data such as fighter aircraft design. For good reason, these actions have raised a significant level of concern with U.S. officials. Due to this concern, the U.S. commissioned an official committee to investigate the theft of information by the PRC to include how, whyRead MoreLockheed : Core Competencies, Key Strengths, And Key Weaknesses2288 Words   |  10 PagesMartin Corporation is the largest Defense Contractor in the world with $46 billion in net sales in 2015 (10-K, 2016). Has been the prime contractor in many of the Air Forces biggest projects in recent years. No other contractor has been awarded a fighter or attack aircraft contract since 1988. Strengths Market Leading Position. Lockheed Martin is the world’s leader in combat and logistical aircraft, anti-missile systems, maritime surveillance and recon systems, space systems, and unmanned aircraftRead MoreEssay on Boeing Company8708 Words   |  35 Pagesbank interest increases they will suffer a big loss from the interest charge. If their liquidity gets worse, the company might face the risk of bankruptcy. 2.3 Opportunities: 2.3.1 Joint Strike Fighter contest: $200 billion order The Pentagon is going to place an order for 2850 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) which amounting to $200 billion- about four times of Boeing’s 1999 total revenue. Boeing and Lockheed Martin were chosen to compete for this contract. The military aircraft businesses ofRead MoreStealth Technology4376 Words   |  18 Pagesnotable example of this was the use of chaff. * The term Stealth in reference to reduced radar signature aircraft became popular during the late eighties when the F-117 stealth fighter became widely known. The first large scale (and public) use of the F-117 was during the Gulf War in 1991. However, F-117A stealth fighters were used for the first time in combat during Operation Just Cause, the United States invasion of Panama in 1989. Since then it has become less effective due to developments inRead MoreBombardier2867 Words   |  12 Pageswas being privatized by the Canadian Government. 1987, acquisition of the railcar designs of U.S. companies Budd and Pullman. 1988 - Launched the Sea-Doo personal watercraft. 1988 - acquisition of snowmobile manufacturing plants in Finland, in a joint venture with a Finnish partner. October 1989 - acquisition of Short Brothers, a Northern Ireland manufacturer of civil and military aircraft, aerostructures and defence systems. December 1989 - acquisition of ANF-Industries, Frances second largestRead MoreTHE CHALLENGES OF JOINT OPERATIONS IN THE RBAF ‚Äà ¬ PROBLEMS OF DOCTRINE AND EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT7447 Words   |  30 Pagesï » ¿THE CHALLENGES OF JOINT OPERATIONS IN THE RBAF – PROBLEMS OF DOCTRINE AND EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1. Modern states tailor their defence capabilities to meet their foreign and security policy needs. Such capabilities are provided by weapon systems and trained personnel which are employed according to fundamental military principles. The uncertainties of threat and complexities of risk in the contemporary world demand a wide range of military capabilities. Furthermore, in most

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Facilitating Developmental Attachment And A Treatment For...

Facilitating Developmental Attachment – The road to emotional recovery and behavioural change in foster and adopted children Daniel A. Hughes, A Jason Aronson Book copyright 1997, Rowman Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200, Lanham, Maryland 20706 www.rowmanlittlefield.com, 2004 ISBN 0-7657-0270-0 Facilitating Developmental Attachment is a book about the theory behind and a treatment for attachment disorder, focusing on children who have been fostered or adopted due to abuse or neglect. Daniel Hughes gives a detailed therapy plan of how to help these particular children begin to form the secure attachment that is crucial to living a fulfilling life. â€Å"All children, at the core of their beings, need to be attached to someone who considers them to be very special and who is committed to providing for their ongoing care.† In this very first sentence Daniel Hughes expresses the importance of attachment in children in order for them to live rich and fulfilling lives. He outlines the issues surrounding the poorly attached child (particularly foster and adopted children) and shows how it is possible, using specific therapeutic interventions, to help them to â€Å"heal and grow†. He begins by giving a detailed explanation of how foster and adopted children’s unique problems make it difficult for them to create new significant relationships. As a consequence of abuse or neglect they have not been given the opportunity to form a meaningful and secure attachmentShow MoreRelatedThe Attachment Of Children And Their Influence On Children1686 Words   |  7 PagesAvoidant Attachment in Children Parents are a vital factor in the development of their children. Many parents fill various roles as teachers, playmates, caregivers, and disciplinary figures; but one of the most important roles that a parent can hold is that of an attachment figure. The attachment between a child and their attachment figure is a strong predictor of the child’s later social and emotional wellbeing (Benoit, 2004). John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth worked together to come to the principleRead MorePeriodontal Disease And Its Effects On The Body1511 Words   |  7 PagesPeriodontitis affects the entire periodontium and is marked by clinical attachment loss. Autoimmune disorders are caused by a faulty immune system that targets the body’s own cells and attacks the host’s organs causing tissue destruction. In both periodontal disease and autoimmune disorders the tissue destruction observed is caused by an exaggerated inflammatory response from the immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and periodontitis is a form of periodontal disease, both affectRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1602 Words   |  7 Pages Sarah Richards Post Traumatic Stress Disorder March 9, 2015 SW 612 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that may develop after an exposure to a terrifying event in which physical harm occurred or was threatened. Usually, the anxiety may be brought on by an â€Å"exposure to an actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violence â€Å"(American Psychiatric Association, 2013, pg. 271). Only recently have children and youth been deemed to have experiencedRead MoreRelationship Of Themes Of Developmental Theories Essay1955 Words   |  8 PagesRelationship of Themes to Developmental Theories First of all, loneliness, a first developmental theme addressed above can be related to John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth’s Attachment theory, where Amy is living with her estranged father after the death of her mother. Initially she spends most of her time living alone as she does not have any friends and her father is busy in his work. It’s seems that both are not attached emotionally with each other which results in the manifestation of her affectionlessRead MoreSocial Interaction For Children With Autism3206 Words   |  13 PagesAutism Spectrum Disorder According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a developmental disability characterised by impaired social functioning and communication skills (Burrows, 2008). Attention and research relating to the study of ASD is of much interest to professionals at this time, largely due to its prevalence, increased need for provision of services and resources, and the degree of limitation this disorder places on both theRead MoreAttachment Theory and the Kibbutz Society5271 Words   |  21 Pagesï » ¿Table of Contents PART 1 2 1- Introduction 2 1.1- Thesis statement 3 1.2- Definition of terms 4 PART 2 5 2- Research description 5 Literature review 5 2.1- Attachment Theory 5 2.2- Growing in Kibbutz 8 2.3- Intervention programs 9 2.4- Physical issues 9 2.5- Mothers sensitivity to infant cues 10 2.6- Externalizing and its impact on children 10 Research design 11 Method 11 Findings 11 Emotional unavailability 11 Complication in mother-infant relationship 12 Limitations 12 PARTRead More Eating Disorders and Pregnancy Essay2138 Words   |  9 PagesEating Disorders and Pregnancy Pregnancy has often been viewed as a period of great developmental change for women. This is also a period in which previously dormant psychological issues rise to the surface and when current issues have the potential to worsen. Because anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa occur primarily in young women, many of whom are of childbearing age, it is important to evaluate the potential medical and psychological consequences when an eating disorderedRead MoreSocial Implications Of Psychoanalytic Theory Essay1219 Words   |  5 Pagesnumerous avenues of the psychodynamic theory. They maintained constant themes throughout this process, such as, understanding the importance of human subjectivity, identity and selfhood; and the basic nature and the relationship between intimate attachments and the quality of social relationships; as well as the dynamics of oppression. The authors explored a range of psychoanalytic ideas, comprising of Early Drive Theory, Ego Psychology, Objec t Relations, Self-Psychology, and Relational and FeministRead MoreWhat Causes Adhd And How That Might Be Compatible With A Medication Intervention?3573 Words   |  15 Pagesand how that might be compatible with a medication intervention? Among the many theoretical frameworks proposed to explain ADHD symptoms and causes, psychological and neurobiological perspectives are the most commonly evoked to conceptualize the disorder. Proponents of the psychological perspective are divided into two major groups of theories: top-down theories and bottom-up theories. Top down process emphasize some form of cognitive control, while bottom-up process emphasize motivational or energeticRead MoreThe Treatment Of Children And Adolescents With Complex Trauma2384 Words   |  10 Pages The treatment of children and adolescents with Complex Trauma Jeffery D. Thomas PSY 679 Psychology of Trauma National University, Fresno, CA Kathy Hayden, LMFT In this paper I will discuss complex trauma (CT) in children and adolescents. I will distinguish the difference between CT and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I will also discuss assessment some of the current treatment models for CT for children and adolescents. First I will define PTSD. PTSD is a psychiatric

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The Return Shadow Souls Chapter 20 Free Essays

string(35) " the diary shut and turned around\." Elena had seldom felt such relief as she did when she heard Damon’s knock at Dr. Meggar’s door. â€Å"What happened at the Meeting Place?† she asked. We will write a custom essay sample on The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 20 or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"I never made it there.† Damon explained about the ambush, while the others covertly studied Sage with varying degrees of approval, gratitude, or sheer lust. Elena realized that she’d had too much Black Magic when she felt ready to pass out at several points – although she was sure that the wine had helped Damon to survive a mob attack which might otherwise have killed him. They, in turn, explained Lady Ulma’s story as briefly as possible. The woman was looking white and shaken by the end. â€Å"I do hope,† she said timidly to Damon, â€Å"that when you inherit Old Drohzne’s property† – she paused to swallow – â€Å"that you’ll decide to keep me. I know the slaves you brought with you are beautiful and young†¦but I can make myself very useful as a needlewoman and such. It’s just my back that’s lost its strength, not my mind†¦.† Damon was perfectly still for a moment. Then he walked over to Elena, who happened to be closest to him. He reached up, unclasped the last loop of rope that had been trailing from Elena’s wrist, and threw it hard across the room. It whipped and wiggled like a snake. â€Å"Anyone else wearing one can do the same thing, as far as I’m concerned,† he said. â€Å"Except the throwing,† Meredith said quickly, seeing the doctor’s eyebrow clashing as he looked at the many breakable glass beakers stacked along the walls. But she and Bonnie lost no time in losing any final vestige of rope that was still trailing. â€Å"I’m afraid mine are†¦permanent,† Lady Ulma said, pulling the fabric away from her wrists to expose the welded-on iron bracelets. She looked ashamed at being unable to obey her new master’s first command. â€Å"Do you mind a moment of cold? I have enough Power to freeze them so they’ll shatter,† Damon said. There was a soft sound from Lady Ulma. Elena thought she had never heard such desperation in any one human noise. â€Å"I could stand in snow to my neck for a year to get these awful things off,† the Lady said. Damon put his hands on either side of one bracelet and Elena could feel the rush of Power that emanated from him. There was a sharp cracking sound. Damon moved his hands and came up with two separate pieces of metal. Then he did it again, on the other side. The look in Lady Ulma’s eyes made Elena feel more humble than proud. She had saved one woman from terrible degradation. But how many more remained? She would never know, or be able to save them all if she found out. Not with her Power in the state it was now. â€Å"I think Lady Ulma really ought to get some rest,† Bonnie said, rubbing her own forehead under tumbled strawberry curls. â€Å"And Elena, too. You should have seen how many stitches her leg took, Damon. But what do we do, go look for a hotel?† â€Å"Use my house,† said Dr. Meggar, one eyebrow up and one down. Obviously, he had become enmeshed in this story, swept along by its sheer power and beauty – and brutality. â€Å"All I ask is that you don’t destroy anything, and that if you see a frog, don’t kiss it, and don’t kill it. There are plenty of blankets and chairs and couches.† He wouldn’t take a single link from the heavy gold chain Damon had brought to use as income in exchange. â€Å"I†¦by rights I should help you all get ready for bed,† Lady Ulma murmured faintly to Meredith. â€Å"You’re the worst hurt of all; you should get the best bed,† Meredith replied tranquilly. â€Å"And we will help you get into it.† â€Å"The most comfortable bed†¦that would be in my daughter’s old room.† Dr. Meggar fumbled with a ring of keys. â€Å"She married a porter – how I hated to see her go. And this young lady, Miss Elena, can have the old bridal chamber.† For an instant Elena’s heart was torn by conflicting emotions. She was afraid – yes, she was very sure it was fear she felt – that Damon might sweep her up in his arms and make for the bridal suite with her. And on the other hand†¦ Just then Lakshmi looked up at her uncertainly. â€Å"Do you want me to leave?† she asked. â€Å"Do you have anywhere to go?† Elena asked in turn. â€Å"The street, I guess. I usually sleep in a barrel.† â€Å"Stay here. Come with me; a bridal bed sounds big enough for two people. You’re one of us, now.† The look Lakshmi gave her was one of sheer thunderstruck gratitude. Not at being given a place to stay, Elena understood. For the statement, â€Å"You’re one of us, now.† Elena could feel that Lakshmi had never been â€Å"one of† any group before. Things were quiet until almost â€Å"dawn† the next â€Å"day,† as the city’s inhabitants called it, although the light hadn’t varied all night. This time a different sort of crowd had gathered outside the doctor’s complex. It was mostly made up of elderly men wearing threadbare but clean robes – but there were a few old women, too. They were led by a silver-haired man who had a strange air of dignity. Damon, with Sage as backup, went outside the doctor’s complex and spoke to them. Elena was dressed but still upstairs in the quiet bridal suite. Dear Diary, Oh, God, I need help! Oh, Stefan – I need you. I need you to forgive me. I need you to keep me sane. Too much time around Damon and I’m completely emotional, ready to kill him or to†¦or to – I don’t know. I don’t know!!! We’re like flint and tinder together – God! We’re like gasoline and a flamethrower! Please hear me and help me and save me†¦from myself. Every time he even says my name†¦ â€Å"Elena.† The voice behind Elena made her jump. She slammed the diary shut and turned around. You read "The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 20" in category "Essay examples" â€Å"Yes, Damon?† â€Å"How are you feeling?† â€Å"Oh, great. Fine. Even my leg is b – I mean, I’m fine all over. How are you feeling?† â€Å"I’m†¦well enough,† he said, and he smiled – and it was a real smile, not a snarl twisted into something else at the last second, or an attempt to manipulate. It was just a smile, if a rather worried and sad one. Elena somehow didn’t notice the sadness until she remembered it later. She simply suddenly felt that she weighed nothing; that if she lost grip on herself she could be miles high before anyone could stop her – miles away, maybe even as far as this insane place’s moons. She managed a shaky smile of her own at him. â€Å"That’s good.† â€Å"I came to talk to you,† he said, â€Å"but†¦first – â€Å" In another moment, somehow, Elena was in his arms. â€Å"Damon – we can’t keep on†¦Ã¢â‚¬  She tried to pull away gently. â€Å"We really can’t keep doing this, you know.† But Damon didn’t let go of her. There was something in the way he held her that half terrified her, and half made her want to cry with joy. She forced back the tears. â€Å"It’s all right,† Damon said softly. â€Å"Go ahead and cry. We’ve got a situation on our hands.† Something in his voice frightened Elena. Not in the half-joyful way she’d been fearful a minute ago, but entirely frightened. It’s because he’s afraid, she thought suddenly in wonderment. She had seen Damon angry, wistful, cold, mocking, seductive – even subdued, ashamed – but she had never seen him afraid of anything. She could hardly get her mind around the concept. Damon†¦frightened†¦for her. â€Å"It’s because of what I did yesterday, isn’t it?† she asked. â€Å"Are they going to kill me?† She was surprised at how calmly she said it. She felt nothing except a vague distress and the desire to make Damon not afraid anymore. â€Å"No!† He held her at arm’s length, staring. â€Å"At least not without killing me and Sage – and all the people in this house, too, if I know them.† He stopped, seeming out of breath – which was impossible, Elena reminded herself. He’s playing for time, she thought. â€Å"But that’s what they want to do,† she said. She didn’t know why she was so certain. Maybe she was picking up something telepathically. â€Å"They have†¦made threats,† Damon said slowly. â€Å"It’s not the case of Old Drohzne really; I guess there are murders around here all the time and winner takes all. But apparently overnight word of what you did has been spreading. Slaves in nearby estates are refusing to obey their masters. This entire quarter of the slums is in turmoil – and they’re afraid of what will happen if other sectors hear about it. Something has to be done as soon as possible or the whole Dark Dimension may just explode like a bomb.† Even as Damon spoke, Elena could hear the echoes of what he’d been told by the assembly who had come to Dr. Meggar’s door. They had been afraid, too. Maybe this could be the start of something important, Elena thought, her mind soaring away from her own small problems. Even death wouldn’t be too high a price to pay to free these wretched people from their demonic masters. â€Å"But that’s not what will happen!† Damon said, and Elena realized that she must be projecting her thoughts. There was genuine anguish in Damon’s voice. â€Å"If we had planned things, if there were leaders who could stay here and oversee a revolution – if we could even find leaders strong enough to do it – then there might be a chance. Instead, all the slaves are being punished, everywhere that the word has spread. They’re being tortured and killed on mere suspicion of sympathy with you. Their masters are making examples all over the city. And it’s only going to get worse.† Elena’s heart, which had been soaring on a dream of actually making a difference, came crashing down to the ground and she stared, horrified, into Damon’s black eyes. â€Å"But we’ve got to stop that. Even if I have to die – â€Å" Damon pulled her back in close to him. â€Å"You – and Bonnie and Meredith.† His voice sounded hoarse. â€Å"Plenty of people saw the three of you together. Plenty of people now see all three of you as the troublemakers.† Elena’s heart went cold. Maybe the worst thing was that she could see from a slave economy’s point of view that if one incident of such insolence went unpunished and word of it spread†¦the tale would grow in the telling†¦. â€Å"We became famous overnight. We’ll be legends tomorrow,† she murmured, watching, in her mind, a domino toppling into another which hit another until a long string had fallen down spelling the word â€Å"Heroine.† But she didn’t want to be a heroine. She had just come here to get Stefan back. And while she could have faced giving her life to stop slaves from being tortured and killed, she would herself kill anyone who tried to lay a hand on Bonnie or Meredith. â€Å"They feel the same way,† Damon said. â€Å"They heard what the congregation had to say.† He held her arms hard as if trying to brace her. â€Å"A young girl named Helena was beaten and hung this morning because she had a similar name to yours. She was fifteen.† Elena’s legs gave out, as so often they had done in Damon’s arms†¦but never for this reason. He went with her. This was a conversation you had sitting on bare floorboards. â€Å"It wasn’t your fault, Elena! You are what you are! People love you for what you are!† Elena’s pulse was hammering frantically. It was all so bad†¦but she had made it worse. By not thinking. By imagining that her life was the only one at stake. By acting before evaluating the consequences. But in the same situation she would do it again. Or†¦with shame, she thought, I would do something like it. If I knew that I would put everyone I loved in danger I would have begged Damon to bargain with that slave-owner worm. Buy her for some outrageous price†¦if we had the money. If he would have listened†¦If another stroke of the whip hadn’t killed Lady Ulma†¦ Suddenly her brain went hard and cold. That is the past. This is the present. Deal with it. â€Å"What can we do?† She tried to pull free and shake Damon; she was that frantic. â€Å"There must be something we can do now! They can’t kill Bonnie and Meredith – and Stefan will die if we don’t find him!† Damon just held her more tightly. He was keeping his mind shielded from hers, Elena realized. This could either be good or bad. It might be that there was a solution he was reluctant to put to her. Or it could mean that the death of all three of the â€Å"rebel slaves† was the only thing the city leaders would accept. â€Å"Damon.† He was holding her much too tightly to get free, so Elena couldn’t look him in the face. But she could visualize it, and she could also try to address him squarely, mind to mind. Damon, if there’s anything – even any way we can save Bonnie and Meredith – you have to tell me. You have to. I order you to! Neither of them were in a mood to find that amusing or even to notice the â€Å"slave† giving orders to the â€Å"master.† But at last Elena heard Damon’s telepathic voice. They say that if I take you back to Young Drohzne now and you apologize, that you can be let off with just six strokes of this. From somewhere Damon produced a pliant cane made of some pale wood. Ash, probably, Elena thought, surprised at how calm she was. It’s the one substance equally effective on everyone: even on vampires – even on Old Ones, which they undoubtedly have around here. But it has to be in public so that they can get the rumors started the other way. They think then that the turmoil will stop, if you – the one who started the disobedience – will admit your slave status. Damon’s thoughts were heavy, and so was Elena’s heart. How many of her principles would she be betraying if she did this? How many slaves would she be condemning to lives of servitude? Suddenly Damon’s mental voice was angry. We didn’t come here to reform the Dark Dimension, he reminded her, in tones that made Elena wince away. Damon shook her slightly. We came to get Stefan, remember? Needless to say, we’ll never have a chance to do that if we try to play Spartacus. If we start a war that we know we can’t win. Even the Guardians can’t win it. A light went on in Elena’s mind. â€Å"Of course,† she said. â€Å"Why didn’t I think of it before?† â€Å"Think of what before?† Damon said desperately. â€Å"We don’t fight the war – now. I haven’t even mastered my basic Powers, much less my Wings Powers. And this way they won’t even wonder about them.† â€Å"Elena?† â€Å"We come back,† Elena explained to him excitedly. â€Å"When I can control all my Powers. And we bring allies with us – strong allies we’ll find in the human world. It may take years and years but someday we come back and finish what we started.† Damon was staring at her as if she’d gone mad, but that didn’t matter. Elena could feel Power coursing through her. This was one promise, she thought, that she would keep if it killed her. Damon swallowed. â€Å"Can we talk about – about the present now?† he asked. It was as if he had hit a bull’s-eye. The present. Now. â€Å"Yes. Yes, of course.† Elena looked at the ash cane contemptuously. â€Å"Of course, I’ll do it, Damon. I don’t want anyone else hurt because of me before I’m ready to fight. Dr. Meggar is a good healer. If they allow me to come back to him.† â€Å"I honestly don’t know,† Damon said, holding her gaze. â€Å"But I do know one thing. You won’t feel a single blow, I promise you that,† he said quickly and earnestly, his dark eyes very big. â€Å"I’ll take care of that; it’ll all be channeled away. And you won’t even see a trace of a mark by morning. But,† he finished much more slowly, â€Å"you’ll have to kneel to apologize to me, your owner, and to that filthy, scrofulous, abominable old – † Damon’s imprecations carried him away for a moment so that he lapsed into Italian. â€Å"To who?† â€Å"To the leader of the slums, and possibly to Old Drohzne’s brother, Young Drohzne, as well.† â€Å"Okay. Tell them I’ll apologize to as many Drohznes as they want. Tell them quick, in case we lose our chance.† Elena could see the look he gave her, but her mind was turned inward. Would she let Meredith or Bonnie do this? No. Would she allow it to happen to Caroline if by any means she could stop it? Again, no. No, no, no. Elena’s feelings about brutality toward girls and women had always been exceedingly strong. Her feelings about the worldwide second-class citizenship of females had become remarkably clear since her return from the afterlife. If she had been returned to the world for any purpose, she had decided, helping to free girls and women from the slavery that many of them could not even see, was part of it. But this wasn’t just about a vicious slaveholder and faceless oppressed women and men. It was about Lady Ulma, and keeping her and her baby safe†¦and it was about Stefan. If she gave in, she would be just an impudent slave who caused a small ruckus in the road, but was firmly put back into her place by authorities. Otherwise, if their party was scrutinized†¦if someone realized that they were here to release Stefan†¦if Elena was the one who caused the order to come: â€Å"Move him into stricter security – get rid of that silly kitsune-key thing†¦.† Her mind was ablaze with images of ways that Stefan could be punished, could be taken away, could be lost if this incident in the slums took on undue proportions. No. She would not abandon Stefan now to fight a war that could not be won. But she wouldn’t forget, either. I’ll come back for all of you, she promised. And then the story will have a different ending. She realized that Damon still hadn’t left. He was watching her with eyes as keen as a falcon’s. â€Å"They sent me to bring you,† he said quietly. â€Å"They never thought of a no for an answer.† Elena could briefly feel the fierce rage of his fury at them and she took his hand and squeezed it. â€Å"I’m coming back with you in the future, for the slaves,† he said. â€Å"You know that, don’t you?† â€Å"Of course,† said Elena, and her quick kiss became a longer kiss. She hadn’t really absorbed what Damon had said about channeling away the pain. She felt she was due just one kiss for what she was about to endure, and then Damon stroked her hair and time meant nothing until Meredith knocked at the door. The bloody-red dawn had taken on a bizarre, almost dreamlike quality by the time Elena was led to an open-air structure where the slumlords in charge of this area were seated on piles of once fine, now threadbare cushions. They were passing back and forth bottles and jeweled leather flasks filled with Black Magic, the only wine vampires could really enjoy, smoking hookahs and occasionally spitting into the darker shadows. This was regardless of the huge audience of street people dizzily attracted by word of a beautiful young human’s public punishment. Elena had been rehearsed in her lines. She was marched, gagged, hands manacled, before the hawking and spitting authorities. Young Drohzne was sitting in somewhat uncomfortable glory on a golden couch, and Damon was standing between him and the authorities, looking tense. Elena had never been so tempted to improvise a part since her junior play, when she had thrown a flowerpot at Petruchio and brought down the house in the last scene of The Taming of the Shrew. But this was deadly serious business. Stefan’s freedom, Bonnie’s and Meredith’s lives might depend upon it. Elena moved her tongue around inside her mouth, which was bone dry. And, oddly, she found Damon’s eyes, the man with the stick, uplifting her. He seemed to be telling her courage and indifference without using telepathy at all. Elena wondered if he himself had ever been in a similar situation. She was kicked by one of her escorts and remembered where she was. She’d been loaned an â€Å"appropriate† costume from the discarded wardrobe of Dr. Meggar’s married daughter. It was pearl-colored indoors, which meant it was mauve in the everlasting crimson sunlight. Most important, worn without its silken undershirt, its back plunged to below Elena’s waistline, leaving Elena’s own back completely bare. Now, in accordance with custom, she knelt in front of the elders, and bowed until her forehead rested on an ornate and very dirty carpet at the feet of the elders, but several steps lower. One of them spat on her. There was excited, appreciative chattering, and ribaldry, and thrown missiles, mostly in the form of garbage. Fruit was too precious here to think of wasting. Dried excrement, however, was not, and Elena found the first tears coming to her eyes as she realized what she was being pelted with. Courage and indifference, she told herself, not even daring to sneak a look up at Damon. Presently, when the crowd was felt to have had its due playtime, one of the hookah-smoking civic elders stood up. He read words Elena couldn’t understand from a creased scroll. It seemed to go on forever. Elena, on her knees, with her forehead against the dusty carpet, felt as if she were smothering. At last the scroll was put away and Young Drohzne leaped up and described in a high, almost hysterical voice, and flamboyant language, the story of a slave who attacked her own master (Damon, Elena noted mentally) to tear herself free of his supervision, and then attacked the head of his family (Old Drohzne, Elena thought) and his poor means of living, his cart, and his hopeless, impudent, slothful slave, and how all this had resulted in the death of his brother. To Elena’s ears, at first, he seemed to be blaming Lady Ulma for the entire incident because she had fallen under her load. â€Å"You all know the kind of slave I mean – she wouldn’t bother to wave away a fly walking across her eye,† he shrieked, appealing to the crowd, which responded with fresh insults and a renewed pelting upon Elena, since Lady Ulma wasn’t there to punish. At last, Young Drohzne finished recounting how this bold-faced hussy (Elena) who, wearing trousers like a man, had caught up his brother’s own ne’er-do-well slave (Ulma) and had carried away this valuable property bodily away (all by myself? Elena wondered ironically) and had taken her to the home of a highly suspicious healer (Dr. Meggar), who now refused to give her, the original slave, back. â€Å"I knew when I heard this that I would never see my brother or his slave again,† he cried, in the shrieking wail that he had somehow been able to maintain throughout the entire narrative. â€Å"If the slave was so lazy, you should have been glad,† a joker in the crowd called out. â€Å"Nevertheless,† said a very fat man whose voice reminded Elena irresistibly of Alfred Hitchcock’s: the lugubrious delivery and the same pauses before important words, which served to make the mood more grim and entire business even more serious than anyone had heretofore thought. This was a man with power, Elena realized. The ribaldry, the pelting, even the hawking and spitting had fallen silent. The large man was undoubtedly the local equivalent of a â€Å"godfather† to these painfully poor residents of the slums. His word would be that which determined Elena’s fate. â€Å"And since then,† he was saying slowly, crunching with every few words some irregularly shaped, golden-colored sweetmeat from a bowl reserved for himself, â€Å"the young vampire Damien has made reparation – and most generously, too – for all the property damage.† Here there was a long pause as he stared at Young Drohzne. â€Å"Therefore, his slave, Aliana, who started all this mischief will not be seized and put up for public auction, but will make her humble obeisance and surrender, here, and of her own will, receive the punishment she knows is her due.† Elena found herself dazed. She didn’t know whether it was from all the smoke that had floated down to her level before curling away, but the words â€Å"put up for public auction† had sent a shock through her that almost led her to black out. She had had no idea that that could happen – and the pictures it brought to mind were extremely unpleasant. She also noticed her new alias, and Damon’s. It was actually quite fortunate, she thought since it would be nice if Shinichi and Misao never heard about this little adventure. â€Å"Bring the slave to us,† the fat man concluded, and sat back down on a great pile of cushions. Elena was lifted off her feet and roughly marched upward until she could see the man’s gilded sandals, and remarkably clean feet, as she kept her eyes down in the manner of an obedient slave. â€Å"Have you heard these proceedings?† The Godfather-type was still munching on his delicacies and a waft of breeze brought a heavenly smell to Elena’s nose, and suddenly all the saliva she could ask for flooded to her dry lips. â€Å"Yes, sir,† she said, not knowing what title to give him. â€Å"You address me as Your Excellence. And do you have anything to add in your defense?† the man asked, to Elena’s astonishment. Her automatic response of: â€Å"Why ask me, since it’s all been fixed up beforehand?† was stilled on her lips. This man was somehow – more – than any of the others she had met in the Dark Dimension – in fact, in her entire life. He listened to people. He would listen to me if I told him all about Stefan, Elena thought suddenly. But then, she thought, regaining her normal level-headedness, what could he do about it? Nothing, unless he could do some good and turn a profit out of it – or gain some power, or take down an enemy. Still, he might make for an ally when she returned to level this place and freed the slaves. â€Å"No, Your Excellence. Nothing to add,† she said. â€Å"And you are willing to prostrate yourself and beg my forgiveness and that of Master Drohzne?† This was Elena’s first scripted line. â€Å"Yes,† she said, and she managed to get through her prefabricated apology clearly and with just the hint of a gulp at the end. Up close she could see flecks of gold on the large man’s face, in his lap, in his beard. â€Å"Very well. A penalty of ten ash rod strokes is laid upon this slave as an example to other mischief-makers. The punishment will be delivered by my nephew Clewd.† How to cite The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 20, Essay examples

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